For major construction projects and home modifications, Get A Grip Grab Bars, Inc. works in conjunction with Terrell Sletten Contracting, Inc. to assure that the proper permits and inspections are conducted. This partnership with a construction company provides a seamless approach to all projects, and offers our customers the peace of mind to know that their safety projects are being completed by a licensed professional contractor.

Some of the more commonly requested modifications include door widening for wheelchair accommodation, shower stall modifications allowing for roll-in accessibility, as well as height modifications of toilets, sinks and counter tops

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“I have worked with Terry Sletten on many projects over the years, and am always confident that Get A Grip will be on time, use the high quality products and do a professional job.”
~David Bubley, President: Chase Builder Corp

“Get A Grip was very cogniizant of the needs of a handicapped person. They are reasonable, dependable, and professional.”
~Renee Brams, Naples Resident

“Terry and Get A Grip are simply the best!”
~Sparkle Sparks, MPT